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Country hospitality A tour with a difference A tour with a difference I can't believe how excited Kellie and Tim were when sharing with me the joys of experiencing a travel destination by bicycle. The first time they rode around a region was during their holiday in Japan. Rather than sitting on a tour bus, riding on a bicycle gave them the freedom to really embrace their surroundings and stimulate all of their senses. Discuss
7 shockingly true health benefits of taking time out in the country 7 shockingly true health benefits of taking time out in the country We all know how relaxing it is to go for a gentle hike in the woods, but did you know that this simple activity has been scientifically proven to improve your health and well-being?Seriously folks, I’m not just talking a walk in the local park – no, that won’t do. Discuss
Bramble Patch Bramble Patch I'm going to start this blog with a question: What do you think about when I say Stanthorpe? If you thought wine, you wouldn't be alone; and that’s fair enough. We are famous for our wineries and many of them are award winning. So if that’s what you seek, then great! Discuss
A Job Less Ordinary A Job Less Ordinary When it comes to owning your own accommodation business, you quickly learn to become the quintessential “jack of all trades”. One moment you are working with a customer espousing all the virtues of our region, next you are wrangling with the animals, writing a blog or making up a floral bouquet, you may even find yourself putting together a BBQ. Discuss