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Granite Belt Holiday Stanthorpe Rocks This November the Granite Belt will be set to rock its heart out all over again. If you're like me and grew up listening to the Rock music of the 80's you won't believe your ears when you hear the line up for the 2014 concert. So many of the songs from this era have been drummed into my subconscious - like Leo Sayer's "I Love you more than I can say". Discuss
Can it rain now? Can it rain now? At Diamondvale we always try really hard to please our guests. We want you to feel like VIP’s, nothing is too much trouble. So when a wedding celebration is looming, you can just imagine the amount of primping and preparation that goes on. But there is one thing you can never count on….the weather. Discuss 1
Spring in Full Swing Spring in Full Swing What’s in store when you visit our charming Stanthorpe cottages this Spring? Well, it turns out I didn’t kill the roses and, as promised by my thoughtful pruning guide, they look like they are flourishing. Spring is here with a vengeance. Discuss
Something About Nothing Something About Nothing Although it’s hard to believe, there really is something about nothing. Being quite a hyperactive person I have never really believed in nothing, that stillness that might exist in the nothingness, or that nothing might actually be …..something. Twice this week I have watched shows on TV literally about nothing! Discuss