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Peaceful Retreat A tour with a difference A tour with a difference I can't believe how excited Kellie and Tim were when sharing with me the joys of experiencing a travel destination by bicycle. The first time they rode around a region was during their holiday in Japan. Rather than sitting on a tour bus, riding on a bicycle gave them the freedom to really embrace their surroundings and stimulate all of their senses. Discuss
7 shockingly true health benefits of taking time out in the country 7 shockingly true health benefits of taking time out in the country We all know how relaxing it is to go for a gentle hike in the woods, but did you know that this simple activity has been scientifically proven to improve your health and well-being?Seriously folks, I’m not just talking a walk in the local park – no, that won’t do. Discuss
Experience the Magic of Autumn in the Granite Belt Experience the Magic of Autumn in the Granite Belt Queenslanders, have we got some special sights for you!  In Autumn something remarkable happens in this unique part of the Sunshine State, the colours of the trees begin to change, leaves turn into brilliant hues of red and orange and  fall to the ground making spectacular scarlet carpets of foliage at every turn. Discuss
Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies – oh my! Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies – oh my! Waking up to wildlife at my doorstep is something I’ll never tire of and certainly don’t take for granted. It doesn’t happen every day, and I can’t set my watch by their appearances, you see the thing about wild life is that it’s…..wild.... and therefore, totally unpredictable. Discuss
Anzac biscuits – still sharing the love Anzac biscuits – still sharing the love At Diamondvale we hope that our guests leave feeling more like treasured friends than passing travellers. Of course, we want you to have a great time while you are here, but we also like to give our guests something to take with them to enjoy on the journey home. Discuss
The Laws of Attraction The Laws of Attraction There’s a lot to be said about the laws of attraction. Have you ever felt yourself irresistibly drawn to something with an urge so strong that it’s almost impossible to think about something else? A magnetic force that compels you to drive all of your energies into one direction and, to make matters worse,  it’s not even something you do entirely consciously. Discuss
She'll be Apples Attention!! The Granite Belt is open for business during the week and ready to provide travellers with the most incredible array of experiences, if you can spare the time. Those who can escape the grind during the week will be rewarded with close to VIP status as they travel through the region. Discuss
Can it rain now? Can it rain now? At Diamondvale we always try really hard to please our guests. We want you to feel like VIP’s, nothing is too much trouble. So when a wedding celebration is looming, you can just imagine the amount of primping and preparation that goes on. But there is one thing you can never count on….the weather. Discuss 1
Spring in Full Swing Spring in Full Swing What’s in store when you visit our charming Stanthorpe cottages this Spring? Well, it turns out I didn’t kill the roses and, as promised by my thoughtful pruning guide, they look like they are flourishing. Spring is here with a vengeance. Discuss
Let's Hope I Can't Kill Roses Too! Let's Hope I Can't Kill Roses Too! Roses are notoriously difficult to kill, or at least that’s what they tell me. I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!   After feeling bolstered by a guests’ knowledge of the rose garden, a member of the Queensland Rose Society no less, I felt an unbridled sense of longing to “stick it to the roses”. Discuss