The Laws of Attraction

There’s a lot to be said about the laws of attraction. Have you ever felt yourself irresistibly drawn to something with an urge so strong that it’s almost impossible to think about something else? A magnetic force that compels you to drive all of your energies into one direction and, to make matters worse,  it’s not even something you do entirely consciously.


You may not believe this, but when we purchased Diamondvale I had never actually touched foot on  the property.  I signed the papers, tossing common sense aside, falling for the sensationally seductive setting that began to woo my senses long before I’d even arrived in Stanthorpe. But there was something I couldn’t ignore, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, something tantalisingly fascinating – I was hooked.


Initially, it was a love of the immediate surroundings that mesmerised me. Now it has formed into an adoration for the entire region. You see, it’s the people that make this place so spectacular. Sure, we’ve got the incredible landscape and the remarkable changing seasons that continue to bring with them the unique frosty winters that are so exceptional for Queensland, but what is truly remarkable are the identities that choose to make this place their home and the way they open their arms to visitors to share their piece of paradise.


Our winemakers are so bound to the earth, when you start a conversation with them about their vintage you are bound to begin a journey like no other. So driven to provide the most savoury of drops, they nurture their grapes like a mother tends to a growing child. It is a labour of love. Each vintage unique, there are even wineries that name their wines after their grandchildren like the "Max" Shiraz or their father's favourite expressions, "The Waagee."

A trip to the local grocery store, is never just a trip to purchase fruit and veg, it is an experience. You see, Sam, our fruit shop man, has a passion for produce that’s palpable. He talks about his fruit like a painter speaks of a masterpiece “look at its form, check out this colour, ohhhh I’ve never seen the apples looking this good, I can’t believe the spears on this asparagus.” Of course, you leave his shop not only armed with a box full of groceries, but secure in the knowledge that this is really fresh produce.

Add to this list of creative souls, the chefs, the olive farmers, lavender growers, candle and soap makers….you get the picture. Take the time to talk to these characters when you next visit the region and transform your thinking. When you’re in the Granite Belt, there’s no such thing as “just going down to the shops” it’s always an adventure.

Perhaps it’s the mystical properties of the Granite rock outcrops that creates this irresistible magnetic attraction or maybe it’s the magic of the personalities themselves. However it happens, let us weave a spell on you the next time you visit the Granite Belt. For something that promises to be more than just another trip away, click here to CHECK AVAILABILITY or call us on 07 4681 336707 4681 3367 to organise your next expedition to our remarkable region.  


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