Something About Nothing

Although it’s hard to believe, there really is something about nothing. Being quite a hyperactive person I have never really believed in nothing, that stillness that might exist in the nothingness, or that nothing might actually be …..something. Twice this week I have watched shows on TV literally about nothing! I watched in astonishment, hoping that something might eventuate, but, alas…. more nothing! Why would someone pay to put nothing on TV? The TimeTeam, famous for finding ancient archaeological wonders, this week apparently made history when they excavated a field with lots of promise and found…..nothing! That’s right, I watched a whole show about nothing, and what’s worse is, that was the whole point of the show – they found nothing! Just when I was sure there would be no more of nothing, I discovered there was plenty more where that came from!! Tonight I have just watched a show about catching River Monsters, where they are supposed to catch huge fish in desolate parts of the world – and…guess what……I watched a whole show about someone catching…you guessed it…nothing!!! They showed plenty of footage about what he wanted to catch and we heard locals tell of their legendary large fish, but….unfortunately there was nothing to be caught tonight!! But then, that still voice in the depths of my mind recalled many guests telling me they wish they could return to Diamondvale not to experience the region, or taste more wines or buzz about experiencing all of the sights and wonders of the region – but that they could return to do ….. nothing! That’s right, that elusive stillness that seems totally intangible to most – the nothing! What I now realise is that the something that most of us long to do is…nothing. Embrace it – feel free to do nothing right here at Diamondvale!!

Do "nothing" right here



Posted By: Kerrin  31 July 2013 8:00 PM Last Updated By: Kerrin  31 July 2013 8:08 PM


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