39 Reasons to Head to the Stanthorpe Show in 2015


If you’ve ever wanted to step back in time and imagine the Ekka the way it was when the show first began – then a trip to the Stanthorpe Show is for you. This weekend, this year, this much anticipated event turns 139!!!  To acknowledge this wonderful milestone, I have compiled a list of 39 reasons why you should drop everything and head to the Stanthorpe Show this January 30 and 31.

  1. Atmosphere – as soon as you arrive you are greeted with the relaxed atmosphere that is the hallmark of the country show. You can hear the music wafting from side-show alley and the sounds of the loudspeaker directing traffic in the ring. The atmosphere at this show is contagious, the laughter of the locals telling their tall tales mixed with the joyful chirping of happy children on the Ferris wheel for the first time – it’s impossible to stop a smile from spreading across your face as you explore this local wonder.
  2. Affordable entry$10 per adult, $6 pensioners, $3 children or $30 for a family membership
  3. Parking in the grounds $2 per vehicle or included with membership – seriously, you can walk right out of your vehicle and across the field into the show.
  4. No crowds - There is no need for elbow jousting to make your way through the attractions, you can even have time to pause and take it all in. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people about, they’re just not crammed in like a pack of sardines.
  5. Art and Craft displays – the pavilion is crammed with all sorts of art and handiwork that will make you jealous of the talent and patience possessed by those creative spirits.
  6. Fruit and vegetables galore – creative displays of fruit and veg, giant vegetables, even edible art and some can be yours to take home at the end of the show if you get in quick enough.
  7. Mouth-watering baking competitions – I had no idea that guys were so passionate about baking scones until I went to my first Stanthorpe Show. The blue ribbon in the baking section is a highly coveted item – keep an eye out for the best baker…it could be someone you know – if you’re lucky!
  8. It’s held at the perfect time of year – I know some people who avoid the Brisbane Ekka because of the chance of catching the latest super flu strain right at the end of winter. There’s little chance of that happening here in January, just make sure you’ve got a sensible hat and enjoy the brilliant sunshine as you stroll around the grounds.
  9. Amazing array of food – from the “really should avoid” but “must do” list you can tick off the dagwood dogs and fairy floss, but in addition to the usual show fare there are brilliant food stalls that cater for all tastes. Grab a lamb burger, or a bowl of homemade bolognaise, there’s all sorts of savoury and sweet treats to tempt your tastebuds.
  10. Cooking demonstrations – want to feel like you are on the set of your own Masterchef experience?You can be a part of the audience and watch the experts give you tips, advice and demonstrate some ingenious cooking techniques – and if you’re lucky, grab some tasty samples while you’re at it.
  11. Wine tasting – it wouldn’t be the Granite Belt if there was no wine tasting. Enjoy a sample and if you fancy yourself a glass or two you can buy a bevvy from the wine pavilion.
  12. Beer making competition – what’s an Aussie show without a brew? Have a taste of the regions finest at the brewing competition.
  13. Pick a pub – that’s right, there’s more than one watering hole at the Show and you can choose your poison.
  14. Live music – there’s plenty of live music options throughout the weekend, mostly at the pubs or wine pavilion.
  15. Equestrian events – there are all matter of equine festivities at the show: heavy horse displays, show jumping, dressage and dress ups – just to name a few. Be mesmerised by the skill of these magnificent animals and their dexterous riders as they leap over incredible hurdles or just enjoy watching them be shown in hand.
  16. Experience the sheep pavilion – touch the fleece and see sheep up close at the show.There are alpacas and goats here also.
  17. Working dogs – watch the well -trained dogs as they are put through their paces down at the smaller rings located at the western end of the showgrounds.It’s just amazing to consider these dogs can obey their owners every command with a simple peep of the whistle, yet I can’t even get my dog to return a stick on cue!
  18. Pet dogs – you can enter your own pet to win a ribbon at the show. They could be the cutest or the most obedient dog. I think we could be in the running for the shiniest dog – if I could only be confident that she would be on her best behaviour….maybe next year.
  19. Animal Nursery – here you can view the cutest, cuddliest, latest arrivals. From ducklings to donkeys, you will find all sorts of animals to swoon over at the nursery.
  20. Wood chop – check out the muscles on these guys and gals as they swing their way to victory. I can barely bring an axe above my head so I am always in awe of the strength on display at the wood chop.
  21. Listen to the Stanthorpe RSL Brass Band bash out some of your favourite tunes Brass Band Style.
  22. Cuddle some local wildlife – now, I know what you’re thinking, no it’s not that sort of wildlife – it’s the real thing at the Gecko’s Wildlife show. Get up close to wombats, wallabies and other amazing creatures.
  23. Drool over the classic Queensland Speedway car display and meet the passionate people who spend much of their lives devoted to preening these special vehicles.
  24. “Man from Snowy River” Kent Saddlery Outback Riders horse show.I will be keen to be ringside for this display of horsemanship, I have not seen it before and can’t wait to be amazed by the talent of this devoted horse and rider team as they recreate some moments from this famous Aussie poem.
  25. The Demolition Derby always draws a big crowd as we watch with a combination of horror and amusement as grown people willingly smash up their vehicles.
  26. Now you know this list isn’t in any particular order as the ol’ Fireworks appear at number 26. This is everybody’s favourite. I’ll be screaming for the colour green this year, how about you?
  27. The Quickshears competition is a “must see”- watch these skilful shearers pull the wool off the sheep’s back before you can say “how ya going mate?”
  28. I know some people that just love watching the machinery parade, this year it kicks off at 5pm as part of the official opening celebrations.
  29. Kids World is a great addition for the smallest of show goers, tucked away next to the animal pavilion here the youngest show fans can have their very own ekka experience without all the hustle and bustle.
  30. Face painting is a curious delight for many young show goers and this year I am sure we will see plenty more butterflies on faces as the weekend progresses.
  31. The Young Famers challenge is a curiosity for me – I have no prior knowledge of this event but it sounds like something that will have us all gawping at more incredible young talent on display.
  32. Sample Bags – what’s a show without sample bags? Well…..I don’t think it’s a show actually! I wonder what the crowd favourite will be, I must admit I am a sucker for the Bertie Beetle bag EVERY TIME!!
  33. Leather goods a-plenty. Show time is the perfect time of year to save up for that big leather goods purchase – whether it be a hat, belt, bag, jacket or even whip – they’ll have it at the show J Enough said…..
  34. You can get your tattoo fix at the show too. Don’t be alarmed, these are short term tats and are perfect for those who aren’t ready to get their skin inked for life – the perfect compromise.

    Every year I usually select a dragon design, they grab the stencil, spray it with colour, dust with some talcum powder and it’s all done. Simple, all you have to do is decide where you want it!

  35. Husbands beware – there are plenty of clothing stalls at the show too selling everything from hats and dresses to lingerie – true story.
  36. 2014 saw the first year where there was a salami competition. If you think your salami is special, you can enter it for judging and see how it stacks up. Now, there’s some seriously interesting bragging rights up for the taking!
  37. Side show alley is one of my favourite reasons for going to the show. Growing up I recall with dread the agonising waiting in line and elbow jousting that came with a trip to side show alley. At the Stanthorpe Show it’s not like that at all. You barely have to wait for your favourite ride and there are plenty to choose from. The sedate chair-o-plane, wild dodgems or just plain crazy rides that turn you upside down and fling you around – it’s all here. There are even pony rides and mini motor bikes for children wanting a bit of “farm fun”.
  38. Win a prize – no trip to the show is complete without bringing home a giant toy stuffed with polystyrene balls just waiting to explode when you get home. Challenge those who love you to prove themselves with the gift of a giant show toy – but they have to win it – no cheating guys!
  39. There are so many colourful characters that live in our amazing community and the Stanthorpe Show is the one place where you can be guaranteed to meet a local, someone who was born and bred here and isn’t afraid to tell you their stories. This type of experience is priceless, one that money can’t buy and yet possibly the most valuable of all of the offerings at our humble country show.

So take some time out to savor these special delights at Stanthorpe’s Agricultural Show.  Make it an excuse to come and visit the region. Take time out to “smell the roses” – yes they have those there too, and come and visit us at Diamondvale B&B Cottages, Stanthorpe for the perfect country experience www.diamondvalecottages.com.au


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