Anzac biscuits – still sharing the love


At Diamondvale we hope that our guests leave feeling more like treasured friends than passing travellers. Of course, we want you to have a great time while you are here, but we also like to give our guests something to take with them to enjoy on the journey home.  The gift of Anzac slice is our small token of appreciation and hopefully an enticement to break the return journey, enjoy one last breath of the country at that last coffee stop before re-entry to the hubbub of regular daily routine.



We love sharing this little bit of love from our kitchen but had absolutely no idea how much joy it would spread.  We are often asked for the recipe, which is the traditional one my Grandmother used, and we are very happy to pass it on. Sometimes, guests email us to let us know of their success at making the slice at home. Recently, we were reduced to tears of joy when we received images from a gorgeous guest of her granddaughter making Anzac slice, using the Diamondvale recipe. This is Isla in the photo, at her Grandmother's house, baking Anzac slice. It was so touching to read of the pleasure both her and her Nan felt as they baked this slice together. Our emotions ran high as we hugged each other in the kitchen and realised just how much this little treat means to our beautiful travelling friends.


The Anzac Slice is certainly made with love. It is thoughtfully moulded until the warmth of our hands melts the ingredients and makes them perfect to press into the trays. It is a family affair. Standing in the kitchen, we work side by side and casually banter as the slice slowly takes shape. But it is no mistake that the Anzac Slice is our farewell gift of choice.


The Diamondvale Homestead, being such a grand old lady, has a great association with the Anzac tradition of biscuit making. Originally known as “Broadmeadows” and located 12 kilometres Eastward in the township of Liston, this sprawling farmhouse was the hub of many local activities back in the war years. Most importantly, locals would gather to collate “care packages” to send to the soldiers at the front. The contents of these packages varied but often comprised of hand knitted socks, beanies and, of course, the Anzac biscuit.



If Diamondvale Homestead had a soul, I am sure it would be humming softly to itself as we lovingly produce our slice in front of the generous hearth in the kitchen. Once again, the old homestead is the place that bears treats to send away with travellers ensuring they take a little slice of their “new home” with them. Sharing the love at Diamondvale - making your holiday an experience, not just another night away.


Thank you Jenny for sharing these priceless images and wonderful story with us, we are very grateful. Each time we make this slice, we will think of you and the granchildren.


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