Who knows what goes with wine? Does it really matter?

Champagne and RosesNow, if you’re like me then you really have no experience drinking wine except for a couple of tastes you’ve had over the years, or you’ve mistaken wine coolers for something that is tolerable or perhaps you’ve tried a sweet white? And you binged on it and now you can’t drink it anymore? Yeah I’m sure we’ve all done that at some point. Moving on! Now if any of what I just said relates to you then you’re in the right spot. This is sort of a beginner’s guide to pairing wines and food. Let’s face it, it’s always better to have something to wash down the taste of alcohol, no matter how pleasant it may seem at the beginning.



 From my experience, everybody has a different taste in wine. There isn’t one wine you could give to everyone and they would be happy. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s the same with food. There isn’t one wine that could be pared with every meal and have it be as a delightful experience as pairing the wine to the meal you’re having. So let’s go through the basics. 


Food PlatterStart with the dominant characteristics of the meal

  • Is it mild or flavoursome?
  • Is it fatty or lean?
  • Is it rich or acidic?

Asking these questions will help you figure out which wines fit the best.


Keep the flavours balanced

Match mild food with mild wine and flavourful foods with flavoursome wines! They will complement each other and make the meal an experience.

Same with rich foods. You’ll want to pair that with a rich wine such as a Chardonnay or an Oaked White.


Cleanse the palate. Tannins* and acids become your friends.

For red lovers, you’ll want to find one that has good tannins in it. This will help to cleanse your tongue of all the fat you just ate on that juicy, rich steak. Don’t worry, it was good. I can tell.

Now white lovers, if you’re eating say some lovely, fatty fried chicken and you want to cleanse your palate, then may I suggest a nice crisp acidic white. Maybe a Sauvignon Blanc? That’ll go well and help get that bird off your tongue.

Ignore this rule if you’re eating rich fatty foods. Then stick with pairing rich wines with it.

Granite Belt Red Wine

*You might be thinking ‘What the hell are tannins?!’ Is that that a type of acid? Is that a type of wine? Well I can tell you that tannins come from many places, most commonly from the skins of the grapes and even the wood barrels that a wine has been aged in. It gives a flavour that helps strip the fats from your tongue. If you want to know what it tastes like go suck on a tea bag. No I’m serious! Do it, but obvious sly after you’ve used the teabag and it’s cooled down a bit first. Don’t hurt yourself.


Match acids with acids

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re eating something with a strong acid content then match it with a similar wine. Go with something like a Sauvignon Blanc.



Should I say it again? Just don’t do it. It won’t end well for you.


Wine and strong spices

It is not advisable to drink wine while eating some Chinese or Indian food. The heat in the food can clash and destroy the flavours in the wine. You know those ones where it tells you there is a subtle hint of grapefruit, a dash of liquorice and an iota of berry? Yeah, you don’t want your flavours to lose the war of the spices.


Flowers and FruitWhen in doubt

I’m always in doubt with wine, but apparently it’s good to know that foods generally go best with the foods that they grew up with. So if you’re eating Italian food then go with an Italian wine and you’ll have a good old Italian gathering going on in your tummy!


So there you go. I hope that this has been helpful to those of you who have no idea about wine! I know that I found it sort of helpful, although I don’t know if I’m sold on wine just yet. I guess I’ll have to give it a try. Perhaps you can come and help me out on my wine discoveries, set aside a date and click here to book now.


Yours in Wine



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