Bramble Patch

I'm going to start this blog with a question: What do you think about when I say Stanthorpe? If you thought wine, you wouldn't be alone; and that’s fair enough. We are famous for our wineries and many of them are award winning. So if that’s what you seek, then great! You could spend a week here and not see all the cellar doors that the Granite Belt region has to offer. However, if you were thinking ‘well, that’s great but what about if I don’t want to spend all my time at wineries?’ Never fear! There is an amazing amount of attractions that not everyone would know about. Even some of the locals don’t even know them all.


We have a lot of favourites that we like to recommend, so instead of hitting you with them all straight away, I’m going to tease you with them one at a time. That way you can read what I think and decide which ones interest you the most. This will give you time to savour what I am saying about each attraction.  Did you know that before the region became famous for its beverages, it was best known for its amazing local produce? That’s right, the Granite Belt Region grows incredible produce and clever artisans create the most delectable treats from the goods that they grow. At the end of gorgeous country lanes, lies many tantalising treats fit for all matter of foodie. Perhaps one of the best known is Patsy and Don’s “Bramble Patch” – is anyone up for all day dessert? Pick me please.


Now if you're like me and absolutely adore berries, this is the place to visit! A family owned and run business, Patsy and Don pride themselves in providing offer a wide range of award winning jams, preserves and more. As if that wasn’t enough, their delectable dessert-only menu has something for everyone. Berry ice creams, sundaes, waffles, poffertjes and fruit pies, along with an espresso coffee or mixed berry smoothie are only some of the delicious treats available here, and pair that with a relaxed atmosphere, what more could you want? I don't think I've met a guest yet who hasn't had a fantastic time. A trip to the Granite Belt wouldn't be the same without a visit to the Bramble Patch; just follow the strawberries on the trees!


You'll find each of the drool worthy items that I just mentioned on Townsend Rd, Glen Aplin and they are open Thursday to Monday. Fresh berry season is between October and March. If you need a place to stay, why not give us a call or check our availability on our webpage.


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