Spring in Full Swing

What’s in store when you visit our charming Stanthorpe cottages this Spring? Well, it turns out I didn’t kill the roses and, as promised by my thoughtful pruning guide, they look like they are flourishing. Spring is here with a vengeance. The wisteria are beginning to flower, peach trees are breaking out in blossom and grape vines, cut back in the winter, are beginning to bud. Of course, the wildlife are suitably “twitter-pated” for the season. Our pet ducks are sitting on a clutch of eggs, the wrens are nesting, but the most note-able courtship is that of the local koalas. If you’re never heard the powerful grunting noise of those small, fluffy marsupials you could be in for a shock. I’m never quite sure how these boys think they’re being attractive, but I guess it’s worked for centuries and who am I to judge?


So, if you’re feeling like touching base with your more “native” side, take a drive out to the country where you can experience the season of Spring in full swing. Visiting a winery with its vines in budburst is really quite a stunning thing. The gnarly, twisted grey branches begin to twist out, like open hands reaching outwards, revealing a small burst of green in each new shoot. Local winery restaurants have all released new Spring Menus, titillating tastebuds with local seasonal produce where possible (there’s even rabbit on the menu at Masons).


If you’re not sure what’s in season you can check out our produce calendar on the “Printable Info” tab on the website. I’ve tried to include fact sheets that will enhance your stay in the Granite Belt – like Stanthorpe tourist drives, Stanthorpe winery lists, Stanthorpe Attractions and even a page for the kids. Please let us know if you would like to see more pages here to guide you on your Granite Belt journey.

Perhaps we’ll see you in the school holidays, lapping up our country hospitality and enjoying our tranquil surroundings, gathering by the camp fire or just lounging in your cosy country cottage. We’ll keep you posted on the ducks – fingers crossed we’ll have a clutch of ducklings you can feed the next time you visit us in Stanthorpe.


Posted By: Kerrin  14 September 2013 10:37 AM


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