Can it rain now?

Quart Pot Creek is slowly drying up

At Diamondvale we always try really hard to please our guests. We want you to feel like VIP’s, nothing is too much trouble. So when a wedding celebration is looming, you can just imagine the amount of primping and preparation that goes on. But there is one thing you can never count on….the weather. Ordinarily, I would side with the bride, clasp my hands together and plead for a perfectly fine weekend, but this week is different. We are in the midst of the worst drought I have ever experienced in our time here at Diamondvale. The creek has been reduced to “waterholes” in parts and the ground is so starved of moisture that everything is struggling to survive. The plants appear to have slipped in to early Autumn mode, changing colour quickly and shedding their leaves with the hopes of wetter times to come. The native and feral animals are becoming so desperate they are stalking their prey in the broad light of day when given half the chance. Somehow, the magic still manages to weave its spell, with the afternoon light casting its golden glow across the landscape and softening the parched scenery into whimsical images. Visitors compliment us on the beautiful scenery and perfectly appointed cottages, but I want more. I want water!

Rain prediciton

Now I realise why every farming community talks so much about the rain, or lack thereof. I had no idea that I too was becoming so obsessed with the rain gauge until a discussion with Ballandean Winery left me feeling a little strange. They were talking about the huge storm and the 60mm of rain they had 2 weeks prior. Leanne spoke of the threat this rain posed to their vintage and I felt so conflicted! A huge part of me had “rain envy” I just wanted to run down there and take all the rain away, to bring it home. Why is the weather seemingly so unlikely to behave the way we want it to? I certainly wouldn’t wish for an amazing vintage of wine to be wrecked (the grape juice lover that I am) so I shouldn’t really want the rain until the vintage is picked…and then, there is our bride to be. How could I possibly wish for rain when it was her special day, her “once in a lifetime”?  But it’s sooooooo dry and the weather prediction is looking perfect for some thirst quenching moisture this weekend.  Oh boy!

The only possible way to save this situation is to make everybody really want the rain, and then I could be happy if it did bucket down. So, I appeal to the winemakers…”please, rip your grapes off before this weekend cause the outlook is looking promising” and I appeal to the bride… “if it rains this weekend, you will be here for a monumental event, perhaps this will be the drought-breaking rain the region  is so desperate for. We can all celebrate! We will all be winners! Besides, wedding photos with umbrellas and groovy galoshes are really cool!!!! Now….can we bring on the rain?


Posted By: Kerrin  14 March 2014 3:27 PM


GARY  14 March 2014 7:51 PM Dry it is and I wish the rain gods smile on you this weekend. I am on the Gold coast and we too are having a long dry spell but our dam is near full and we can water.
Stanthorpe is a beautiful place and presents itself best with the rain Gods on side HAVE A GREAT WET WEEKEND Gazza
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