Stanthorpe Rocks

This November the Granite Belt will be set to rock its heart out all over again. If you're like me and grew up listening to the Rock music of the 80's you won't believe your ears when you hear the line up for the 2014 concert. So many of the songs from this era have been drummed into my subconscious - like Leo Sayer's "I Love you more than I can say". Who can stop themselves from singing along as he starts "wo-ho wo-ho ye-ah ye-ah?" When Eurogliders start the riff for "Heaven" I won't be able to hold my tongue. It's like all of the lyrics have been imbedded into my brain waiting for a concert just like this to come along and blast away the cobwebs.


Lucky for me, we live right next door to the rock-seeker himself "Sly" and I was able to get the inside drum on this year's festivities. I was cheeky enough to steal a clip so you could take the word from the "horse's mouth" so to speak, rather than listen to me prattle on about how incredible it will be.


What's almost as amazing than the line up, is the bus that takes you directly from your cottage to the concert - and you can purchase that on the Stanthorpe Rocks website. Now....if you're like me and worried about being a "bit old" for all that stuff - think again. This is one civilized gathering. There are "chill out" zones where you can hang out if you just need to get away from it all for a while and they have a World Food Village packed full of wholesome choices that won't break the budget. This is the perfect venue for those who rocked their socks off over 40 years ago!

Now, if you haven't already started googling for accommodation and tickets to the concert you'd better start. Try our link to book the last cottage left at Diamondvale - BOOK NOW

I will see you there!! - ROCK ON!!!



Posted By: Kerrin  29 May 2014 6:31 PM


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