Diamondvale's Pioneer Hut

Perfectly situated on the banks of Quart Pot Creek below the cottages, guests can gather together in this unique facility to make the most of their time in the Granite Belt pursuing those country activities you expect to do when visiting the region, like.....

  • Gathering around an open fire to soak up the incredible night sky whilst toasting mashmallows and telling tall tales
  • Reclining in front of an open fire sipping your favourite drop sampled during your day on the Granite Belt
  • Savouring the moment when you put your perfect BBQ meal on the sizzling hot plate

  • Catering for yourselves or have a gourmet chef set up a restaurant on-site and treat you and your friends to a night you will always remember
  • Be totally indulgent and have our local function centre provide you with decor to go all-out for your special occassion
  • Put on the camp oven and relish your own gourmet masterpiece
  • Contemplate life and solve all of the problems of the world whilst watching the flickering flames and enjoying the company of good friends
  • Become an amateur astronomer, download a sky ap and discover all of those constellations you knew were up there but just weren't sure where they were
  • Have your own private function room where guests can enjoy their favourite music and those who have had enough can escape to the solitude of their cottages
  • Hire out the whole of Diamondvale and you can use this space for an intimate wedding or naming ceremony *conditions apply
  • Relax in the knowledge that you and your friends or family are the only guests on-site when you hire out the cottages on an exclusive package
  • Book a package deal where we have the fire roaring and hot home-made soups waiting in the Hut for everybody on return from a regional winery tour

  • Drop a line in to Quart Pot Creek and enjoy the peaceful surrounds whilst waiting to catch your dinner
  • Take your bird watching guide and keep an eye out for over 70 different species that can been spotted from the bank of the creek in front of the hut
  • Sit quietly and enjoy the natural surrounds in the hope of spotting some native wildlife eg: koalas, kangaroos, echidna, quolls, platypus, frillled neck lizards etc

  • Be creative with the space ~ got a small group of friends and want to do something different? Why not organise an art workshop or quilting group? The Pioneer Hut has been host to many varied uses including: Murder Mysery Dinners, Artists in residency, Quilting Workshop weekends, Gourmet Chef interludes, Naming Ceremonies, Intimate wedding ceremonies, mini conferences, family reunions and many "noughty" parties


** Limitations ~ The Pioneer Hut is a communal gathering place. We have built this hut for the comfort of Diamondvale guests looking to enjoy a unique open fire experience in a sheltered environment.

The hut is equipped with:

  • large open fire place
  • sumptuous leather lounges
  • 2 x iron bark slab tables with bench seating
  • portable folding chairs
  • outdoor table setting
  • a large fridge and freezer
  • BBQ & BBQ tools
  • Urn
  • Radio/CD player with USB port
  • Bocce, poker, darts


However, the Hut does not have any running water or clean up facilities. There is no cutlery, crockery or glassware in the hut. There are no washrooms or toilets in this area. This is an area designed for the primary use of guests wanting to commune together in front of an open fire. Guests are respectfully requested to look after their own cooking requirements in the hut and leave it tidy after use. It is commonly suggested that guests BYO disposable crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses etc if they want to avoid taking items back to the cottages to wash up. Please feel free to call us to discuss any queries you may have regarding the potential uses of the hut during your stay.