Camelia Cottage

Built over 100 years ago and surrounded by camelia trees, this special cottage appeals to those looking for something a little quaint and full of character.

Key features

  • 1 Queen Bedroom

  • Wood Fireplace

  • Kitchenette

  • Free WiFi

  • Room service by request

Camelia Living with Fireplace

Original Railway Siding

Our gorgeously cute and cosy one-bedroom cottage, converted from the original railway siding at Stanthorpe Station, Camelia Cottage has a historical charm with its high gabled roof lines. Built over 100 years ago and moved to Diamondvale 30 years ago, surrounded by camellia trees, this special cottage has been recently given new life and appeals to those looking for something a little quaint and full of character.

Secret Loft

There is a secret loft accessed by a stepladder above the bedroom, that can accommodate little guests. Favoured by school-aged children, (5 years+), it creates a cosy nook for them to dream the night away, like they are ‘treehouse camping’.

Camelia Cottage Autumn


The many attributes this cottage has include:

  • A Queen bed with an electric blanket and warm lofty quilt for winter
  • Loft space above the bedroom (fit for school-age children to enjoy)
  • A cosy bathroom next to the bedroom
  • Fully-equipped mini kitchenette, with bar fridge, microwave, and stovetop
  • A wood-burning combustion fireplace for the cooler months, with ironbark firewood provided
  • Living area with lounge, complete with 4K 42" TV, DVD/BluRay player, Bluetooth/CD Stereo and dining set
  • A private north-facing balcony, perfect for warmer months, to enjoy your breakfast or afternoon wine and cheese and admire the wildlife

    Camelia Cottage is filled with all the kitchen and bathroom amenities (just like at home), so you need only bring fresh food and your clothes!